Dating in L.A. and Other Urban Myths


In Production: Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Lesley Fera (Penelope), Jen Lilley (Chloe),  Kristoffer Polaha (Alex), Tamara Taylor (Sadie) and Daniel Franzese (Bill)

Kate McAlister is lost. While Kate is an educated, successful business woman, she finds herself stymied when it comes to navigating the seemingly endless set of pitfalls inherent to the dating scene in Los Angeles. After all, no one comes to Los Angeles to find love—people here barely find like. Songs of found love are written about San Francisco or New York, not Los Angeles for a very good reason: L.A. is where dating comes to die.

Perhaps she has spent too much time wandering through literary realities, but as Kate begins her journey she fervently longs for more formal times where intentions were declared before fluids were exchanged. And she would very much like to understand why a sane person, who would never pick up a hitchhiker, does not think twice about going home with a stranger met in a bar. But these are the scenarios Kate is thrust into upon receiving an email from The EX proclaiming his joy at becoming engaged to someone he has known but briefly—a fact particularly difficult for Kate to reconcile given the decade she spent dating him.

Designed as a web series, based on a popular blog (, Dating in L.A. and Other Urban Myths follows Kate as she tries to accept the advice of her friends: she will now have to date in L.A. despite the reality that she is not 21, not a supermodel, and can’t comprehend why anyone thinks anal bleaching is good idea.

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